Crime and Security

The Crime and Security theme covers statistics on crime, policing, justice systems (family, civil and criminal); and National security.

We are working to ensure the people and organisations who produce statistics in this area deliver on the Code’s aspirations for trustworthiness, quality and public value. We want to see data that are more joined up, with fewer gaps and greater granularity, and we want the quality of data and statistics to be more transparent.

We have recently completed short reviews of several National Statistics in areas of high public interest, including statistics on proven-reoffending and statistics on police workforce and police powers and procedures, and of Ministry of Defence trade, industry and contracts statistics, which contribute to public accountability.

While we need to remain flexible due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a number of further reviews planned for the near future, covering statistics that relate to police funding and the armed forces. Additional priorities in 2020/21 include: providing challenge and support to the Office for National Statistics as it improves crime statistics for England and Wales; and bringing together producers and stakeholders who can address the issues with policing statistics raised in our 2019 Policing Review. More details are available in the OSR regulatory work plan.

Published outputs relating to Crime and Security regulatory work can be found below.

Contact: Lewis Jack, Helen Miller-Bakewell


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