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Last updated Monday 26 February 2024

Our Children, Education and Skills domain oversees the regulation of data and statistics concerning all stages of education from early years to university and beyond, including statistics on teachers and lecturers, learners, and looked after children.

Education and training, from providing the best start for young people to equipping the workforce, has a profound impact on the society, business and the economy of the countries of the UK. High quality statistics and data to support effective decision making and evaluate policy implementation are crucial.

Our planned work for 2022/23 covers a wide range of topics and statistics.

We recently carried out a routine assessment of the  Key Stage 4 Performance statistics produced by the Department for Education (DfE). We published our report in July 2022 and confirmed the retention of National Statistics status in June 2023.

Our two main focus areas for the year are our assessments of the Achievement of Curriculum for Excellence Level statistics produced by Scottish Government and the Graduate Outcomes Survey produced by Jisc (previously the Higher Education Statistics Agency).

We also continue to monitor developments around high-profile topics including attendance data, sex and gender identity, and teachers.

We advocate the use of new technologies by producers and continue to encourage data access through the Secure Research Service. We will further consider what society’s key questions are in this area and support producers in answering them.

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Planned Work

ProjectGeographyProject typeTimescale
Achievement of Curriculum for Excellence Levels (Scottish Government)ScotlandAssessmentMarch - October 2023
Graduate Outcomes Survey Statistics (Jisc)United KingdomAssessmentNot yet started
Higher Education Student Statistics (Jisc)United KingdomCompliance checkNot yet started

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