Publications Calendar

This calendar includes formal regulatory decisions. It does not include ad-hoc publications such as letters and statements, blog posts or other work not in our planned work programme.

PublicationMonthFurther information
Compliance Check: Business InvestmentFebruary 2020
Systemic Review: Adult Social Care - Scotland reportFebruary 2020Postponed from October 2019
Systemic Review: Public Value of Statistics About Post-16 Education and Skills: Phase 2 ReportFebruary 2020Phase 1 Report
Systemic Review: Update on Public Value of Statistics on Housing and PlanningFebruary 2020
Assessment: UK Labour Market StatisticsMarch 2020
Compliance Checks: Labour Market Statistics in Northern Ireland, Scotland and WalesMarch 2020
Compliance Check: Civil Service StatisticsMarch 2020Postponed from November 2019
Compliance Check: Consumer Prices Index including owner occupiers’ housing costs (CPIH)March 2020Postponed from November 2019
Compliance Check: Dementia Diagnosis StatisticsMarch 2020
Compliance Check: GB Internet AccessMarch 2020Postponed from December 2019
Compliance Check: Mental Health Act StatisticsMarch 2020
Compliance Check: Rural Scotland Key FactsMarch 2020
Compliance Check: Timber Price IndicesMarch 2020
Compliance Checks: NHS Workforce StatisticsMarch 2020
Compliance Checks: Road Accident and Safety Statistics for Devolved NationsMarch 2020
Exposure Draft: What is MisleadingnessMarch 2020
National Statistics List UpdateMarch 2020Postponed from July 2019
Systemic Review: Adult Social Care - UK reportMarch 2020Postponed from December 2019
Systemic Review: HMRC Quality ReviewMarch 2020
Compliance Check: Statistics on Rough Sleeping in WalesMarch/April 2020
Assessment: Northern Ireland Planning StatisticsMay 2020
Compliance Checks: Local Authority Municipal Waste Management StatisticsMay 2020
Systemic Review: Mental Health StatisticsMay 2020Published Outline
Assessment: Business DemographyJuly 2020
Assessment: Well-being of WalesJuly/August 2020