Labour Market and Welfare

Last updated on Wednesday 11 August 2021

The Labour Market and Welfare theme includes statistics measuring different aspects of work and jobs and covers people’s employment, working patterns and the types of work they do. The theme also covers any earnings and benefits they receive.

We recently commented on a range of labour market and welfare statistics.

Our future plans for 2021/22 include a compliance check of Income Estimates for Small Areas produced by the Office for National Statistics and an assessment of the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency’s Pay in Northern Ireland Civil Service statistics. We will also continue to provide regulatory support to producers who are transforming their statistics, including the Labour Market Survey and statistics on Universal Credit.

Contact our regulators for this domain Elise Baseley and William Richardson for more information.

Planned Work

ProjectGeographyProject TypeTimescale
Pay in the Northern Ireland Civil Service statistics (Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency)Northern IrelandAssessmentSeptember – December 2021
Regional Economic and Labour Market Profiles (Welsh Government)WalesCompliance CheckSeptember – December 2021
Income Estimates for Small Areas (Office for National Statistics)England and WalesCompliance CheckApril - September 2021
Personal Independence Payment statistics (Department for Communities, Northern Ireland)
Northern Ireland
Continuing from 2020/21: Phase 2
UK Employment and Jobs statistics (Office for National Statistics), including follow up on Compliance Checks in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Continuing from 2019/20: Phase 2

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