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A UK-wide public dialogue exploring what the public perceive as ‘public good’ use of data for research and statistics

4 October 2022
Last updated:
2 June 2023

Appendix C: Workshop agenda

Table 1. Workshop content

SessionsQuestions explored
1: Group introduction“What does ‘public’ mean? What does ‘good’ mean? What do they mean together?”

“Do a certain number of people need to benefit for something to be considered in the ‘public good’?”

“‘Public good’ is something referred to by other phrases, such as ‘public benefit’ or ‘public interest’? Do either of these phrases have different connotations to you than ‘public good’?”
2: Public services data activity“How do you think that data about you might be used for public good?”

“Can anyone provide a reason why they would not want their data to be used?”
3: Data explainer and Q&A
4: Reflection on data use“Does data use count as ’public good’ if some people benefit while others’ situation remains unchanged?”

“Does it matter if the organisation using data for public good also makes money as a by-product of that use?”
5: Statistics explainer and Q&A
6: Reflection on statistics use“If a use of data is considered to be strongly in the public good, would you be comfortable for sensitive data to be used for that purpose?”
7: Case studies of data and statistics use for public good“Would you consider this use of data or statistics as acceptable, harmful or in the public good?”

“What would you change to make this use of data or statistics fit your perception of ‘public good’?"

“If one group of people benefits from data being used and another doesn’t, can a use of data still be considered to be for the public good?"
8: Perspectives on data and statistics use for public good “Does this view seem surprising to you? Why do you think this person feels this?"

“Is this view part of your personal definition of what public good is?”
9: Final reflections“How would you tell that something is an acceptable use of data or statistics?”

“In your dream society, what could data and statistics be achieving for people?”
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