Office for Statistics Regulation, 2018. Code of Practice for Statistics

Data in Government Machine Learning Blog

Office for Statistics Regulation, 2021. Ensuring statistical models command public confidence.

Office for Statistics Regulation, 2022. QCovid® case study: Lessons in commanding public confidence in models

Office for Statistics Regulation, 2015. Quality Assurance of Administrative Data

Office for Statistics Regulation. Guide to Voluntary Application of The Code

Office for National Statistics, 2020. Using traffic camera images to derive an indicator of busyness: experimental research

Ministry of Justice (MoJ), 2019. How the Ministry of Justice used AI to compare prison reports.

UKSA, Ethics Self Reporting Tool 

UKSA, Ethical Principles

UKSA, Statistics for Public Good

Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Guidance on AI and Data Protection.

The Data Protection Act.

UK Data Service. Importance of managing and sharing data.

HM Treasury, 2015. The Aqua Book: guidance on producing quality analysis for government 

Central Digital and Data Office, 2019, Office for Artificial Intelligence, A guide to using artificial intelligence in the public sector

Central Digital and Data Office and Office for Artificial Intelligence, 2019. Assessing if artificial intelligence is the right solution.

Central Digital and Data Office, 2021. Algorithmic transparency data standard.

Government Analysis Function. Reproducible Analytical Pipelines.

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