Quality Assurance of Administrative Data – case examples

Here are some case examples that highlight different ways that statistical producers have applied Quality Assurance of Administrative Data (QAAD) guidance. We have outlined the assurance approach taken by the producers in relation to specific sets of statistics and provided links to their supporting quality material.


Statistical producerStatistics (click on link to open case example)Level of assurance
Northern Ireland Statistics and Research AgencyPopulation StatisticsBasic and enhanced
Public Health EnglandMRSA infectionsComprehensive
Department for Communities and Local GovernmentIndices of DeprivationBasic and enhanced
Department for EducationSchool-level examination statisticsComprehensive
Department for Work and PensionsWork Programme StatisticsEnhanced
Department of the Environment for Northern IrelandDriver and vehicle licence statisticsBasic and enhanced


We have also produced some further examples to illustrate aspects of the QAAD guidance:


Case exampleTopic
Pragmatic and proportionateExplaining the Risk/Profile matrix
Iterative processQuality Management Actions
Levels of assuranceNot a ‘RAG’ status
Audit and inspectionTypes of evaluation and audit
Comprehensive assuranceUnderstanding data suppliers’ QA
Administrative data (part 1)The nature and challenges of admin data
Administrative data (part 2)Coverage and content issues with admin data
Communication with data suppliersBuilding a common understanding
Statistical producers’ own QAFive top tips